Diagonal Plaza blight study off the table

The city said “no, thanks” to the $15,000 Diagonal Plaza blight study, so there’s that. The most interesting bit of news to come along with that, though is this:

Liz Hanson, Boulder’s economic vitality coordinator, said the city on Tuesday learned that one of the Diagonal Plaza buildings that formerly housed a Ross department store has landed a new “national tenant.” She said negotiations for the building are ongoing, but an announcement about the tenant would likely come in the next few weeks.

And the most satisfying bit might be this:

Councilman Matt Appelbaum agreed, saying it’s “100-percent certain that the consultant will find this area blighted.”

“We know the outcome,” he said. “This isn’t a question.”

So, two questions… what do you think the new tenant is…? And what do you want to do with the $15,000?

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4 Responses to “Diagonal Plaza blight study off the table”

  1. Andrea Birgers Says:

    How about they tear down the ghost of the Lazy Dog. Get some developer to put in an office building?

  2. Dave Burdick Says:

    In some ways it's amazing that the corner spot doesn't do better. I've seen them boarding up the windows lately, but to what end, I can't tell.

  3. Lorie Says:

    One business I see expanding lots right now is Dollar Tree. I wonder if it’s one of their superstores like the one in Longmont.

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