Elmer’s Twomile Library: Could Diagonal Plaza be home to a branch library?

We’ve talked a little about some longshot library-related ideas on this blog in the past, but now here’s someone with a city title doing it:

Donna O’Brien, another library commissioner, said there also could be opportunities to partner with developers to have a library presence in new retail locations. She cited the possible future redevelopment of the Diagonal Plaza center at 28th Street and Iris Avenue as a possible opportunity.

The Camera story talks in very broad terms about the city wanting a library resource for north Boulder of some kind.

What do you think — is two and a half miles to the nearest library too far?

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7 Responses to “Elmer’s Twomile Library: Could Diagonal Plaza be home to a branch library?”

  1. Andrea Birgers Says:

    It sounded like any kind of library in this area would be pretty small. That being the case, I'd probably find myself going to the downtown library.

  2. @rorowe Says:

    Create a space, install a few computer stations (connected to Boulder Library's networks and databases), enable library patrons to reserve books and pick them up there, and offer wifi and some comfortable places to sit. Wouldn't have to be elaborate like Main Branch.

  3. Andrea Birgers Says:

    Meant to "like" your comment, not "dislike" it. I cant figure out how to fix it.

  4. Dave Burdick Says:

    Intense Debate is fickle — lately, I've noticed that it's hard to undo such actions. Also, I've noticed it simply won't let me like or dislike a comment at all in some cases.

  5. terons Says:

    Great library space. I will definetly gonna there to the downtown library too.

  6. devinzz Says:

    I can't really see the point of a small library. I know it's better than no library at all but the small ones have always sort of creeped me out. I'm actually a writer myself check it out! Furry Art Comics

  7. essays Says:

    In my opinion it is a possible thing indeed! Thank you for sharing this idea with us!

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