I am building this blog primarily to be a resource for me and people living in my neighborhood. I’ve called it Elmer’s Twomile Blog after Elmer’s Twomile Creek, which runs behind the Safeway and on down toward Goose Creek. It’s not a particularly important creek, but it is home to a nice, new greenbelt and bike path. Since I commute by bike more often than not, that’s a pretty central part of my existence in this neighborhood. Yes, Elmer’s Two Mile Park makes two words of it, but the creek doesn’t. I don’t know why, and since it was here before the park was, I went with that.

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The neighborhood on Twitter

Since the advent of “Places” on Twitter, I feel even more confident in my haphazard mapping of the neighborhood. Here’s a Twitter’s feed and map of our neighborhood.

Who lives here?

It’s quite a busy place with a relatively high population density, owing to several condo complexes. In that general area, there are more than 7,000 people (which makes it more populous than Erie and just more than a third the population of Louisville). Nearly 30 percent identify as Hispanic (compare to about nine percent when you look at the entire city of Boulder or about 26 percent in the state of Colorado).

What’s it like?

There are several strip malls that serve us pretty well, very nice parks and, sure, a bit of crime, generally in the shape of vandalism or (sigh) bike theft.

If you live here, I hope you’ll drop me a line, follow along, comment or use this however you need.

Please don’t take the words or photos.

Who am I?

I think I’m being pretty transparent here, what with the URL and all, but my name is Dave. Sometimes, people other than me will post. When they do, their opinions are their own and not those of me or the site.

Boulder neighborhood blog

I’m never sure what to call this. I call it a Boulder neighborhood blog, but I guess there are those who might call it a Boulder community blog, Boulder citizen journalism or any number of other things.