Medical marijuana dispensaries

We’ve only been here so long, but it’s easy to look back and say, “Hey, the neighborhood really has changed.”

This is partially thanks to the fact that all of Boulder changed as the city became the heart of a new industry: medical marijuana dispensaries.

In no time at all, they’ve become as ubiquitous as certain big-name coffee chains. More, even! They’ve brought with them tax revenue, plenty of controversy and a bit of crime, too — heck, it’s the only business I’ve seen that has allegedly been subject to a “machete-aided burglary” (not right here, thankfully, but awfully close by in Gunbarrel).

In our neck of the woods, there are plenty of dispensaries. Here are a few we’ve seen while cruising the neighborhood:

14er Holistics
2897 Mapleton Ave Suite 800

Colorado Care Inc.
2850 Iris Ave

Lotus Medical (which I’ve noted in the past is actually a chain and is next to a pretty sweet rooftop spa)
3107 28th Street #B
(Tebo Plaza, second floor)

Helping Hands Herbals
2714 28th Street

Well Dispensary
3000 Folsom Street