Places to eat

This is in no way exhaustive. I’m just gradually pulling together dining reviews and other information, mostly for my own use, but I’d be happy to add anything in the area that folks send me.

100% Mexicano Restaurante, 2850 Iris Ave.

Tips: the green chile is veggie-friendly and delicious! And the veggie burrito has good, fresh vegetables, unlike a lot of vegetable burritos out there.

3 Margaritas, 3390 28th St. (Coming soon. They’re scheduled to have a hearing on their liquor license application on May 18.)

Amaro, 2777 Iris Ave. (Coming soon. Maybe June.)
Soon to be the neighborhood’s first high-end bar.

Arugula Bar e Ristorante, 2785 Iris Ave.
Arugula Bar e Ristorante in the Camera (2009)
Arugula Bar e Ristorante on Yelp

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Dot’s Diner, 2716 28th St.
Dot’s Diner on Urban Spoon
Dot’s Diner on Yelp

Tips: chai and a large house breakfast will take care of nearly anybody, but if you want something a little special, do the Swiss sizzler: an open-faced egg sandwich with Swiss and avocado.

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Jimmy & Drew’s Delicatessen, 2855 28th St.
Jimmy & Drew’s Delicatessen in the Camera (2007)
Jimmy & Drew’s Delicatessen on Yelp
Jimmy & Drew’s Delicatessen in Esquire for best sandwich

Murphy’s Bar & Grill, 2731 Iris Ave.
Murphy’s Bar & Grill in the Camera (2008)
Murphy’s Bar & Grill on Yelp
Today’s specials
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Tips: Unless there’s one of the very chilled-out live music acts on, the patio outside is probably the place to be.

Radex Bistro (formerly Full Belly Cafe), 2779 Iris Ave. I’m not linking you directly to the site because when I went, my computer warned me the site had malware.
Radex Bistro on Yelp

Tangerine, 2777 Iris Ave. (Coming soon. Maybe June.)

Thunderbird Burgers, 3117 28th St.
Thunderbird Burgers on Yelp

Recommended: Yes! They do veggie burgers. And double-double veggie burgers. And that’s a good enough excuse to go and get the fries.

Tortilleria y Taqueria El Rey, 2966 Valmont Rd.
Tortilleria y Taqueria El Rey on Yelp
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