Elmer’s Twomile Creek Greenway/Bikeway

See? One word.

Elmer’s Twomile Creek Greenway was completed in 2010. Here’s what the city set out to do, according to the Elmer’s Twomile Creek project page:

The Elmer’s Twomile Greenways project includes a grade-separated, multi-use path connection from Goose Creek to Glenwood Drive, an underpass at Valmont Road and flood mitigation improvements.  The transportation improvements will provide a missing link between the area north of Glenwood Drive and the entire Greenways trail system.  Flood mitigation will address flooding that would occur south of Glenwood Drive to the confluence with Goose Creek during a 100-year storm event.  Several properties west of the Elmer’s Twomile channel and east of 28th Street are currently in the 100-year conveyance zone, and portions are also in the high hazard zone.   This project would remove these properties from the 100-year floodplain by containing the flows within the Elmer’s Twomile channel (or a box culvert).

So it connects northern bike paths to Boulder’s extensive Greenway network (MAP) and reduces flood risks for nearby properties.

The difference, from a bicyclist’s point of view, is astounding. If you can get to the path, you’ve got roadless trips to the East Mapleton Ball Fields, Boulder Beer and Community Cycles at your fingertips via the Goose Creek path.

Boulder celebrated the opening of the path by making Elmer’s a “highlight” of the 2010 B360 ride.