Goose Creek Greenway Trail

Marking the intersection of Elmer's and Goose.

Boulder’s Goose Creek Greenway Trail is a major east-west bikeway in Boulder’s Greenway network — and a delight.

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The path eliminates the need for riding along Valmont Rd. or Pearl St./Peark Pkwy. for 2.2 miles, which means a lot in a town with a small footprint like Boulder’s. Along this path, you’ll find the Villa Shopping Center, the East Mapleton Ball Fields, Boulder Beer, Redstone Meadery, a ton of prarie dogs, the Elmer’s Twomile Creek path and a plethora of other connections for longer, leisurely weekend rides.

And, to my knowledge, Goose Creek hasn’t endured the controversy that certain other east-west bikeways have.

Facing east where Goose Creek meets Elmer's Twomile. These people will be at East Mapleton Ball Fields/Pow Wow Park in no time flat.


Goose Creek hasn’t always been so pleasant; it used to be a “water chute.” In 2006, the city began the process of changing that.

“In a stream corridor, there are a lot of other functions besides flood conveyance that aren’t supported by the current design,” [Betty Solek, who was overseeing the project with help from the Army Corps of Engineers] said. “There’s rocks lining the channel that are intended to keep the banks stable, but there are other ways to achieve that — such as plantings, vegetation — that keep the banks stable yet provide shading and food and habitat for aquatic life.”

The process was still going on in 2009:

Five city leaders arrived [in Washington, D.C.] for the week of meetings with congressional staffers and officials from federal agencies with a list of specific projects they’d like to see funded.

That list includes an Army Corps of Engineers project to return the Goose Creek corridor to a more natural setting; money to study and improve the South Boulder Creek Floodplain; a proposed $24 million project to build a pipeline to bring water from Carter Lake down to the city; and $300 million for improvements to U.S. 36.

Facing west where Goose Creek meets Elmer's Twomile, very near Folsom St.