Columbine Elementary School

Columbine Elementary is located at 3130 Repplier St., behind Columbine Park on Glenwood Dr. between 20th and 23rd Streets.

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It’s currently under construction as Columbine gets a new building.


Columbine is majority Latino.

Here’s a great 2008 story on diversity and racial stratification in BVSD schools like Columbine  — which starts with the sobering statistic that Latinos then had a 50/50 chance of graduating high school:

In a racial flip-flop, a parent walking into Columbine Elementary leaves a wider community that’s about 80 percent white and enters a smaller community that’s about 80 percent Latino. A sign just behind the front door welcomes visitors into Columbine’s world: “In this school we support, respect and find strength in our diversity.”

I want to find a site to link to with current demographic data on the school. If you know of one, let me know.


Find out how the school is doing on the district’s Columbine Elementary page and the state’s SchoolView page for Columbine.