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Timothy Foss comics in the Colorado Daily every Tuesday

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

"Bath Time" by Timothy Foss -- click to go to his site!

Timothy Foss, a swell guy and artist, lives right around these parts and his comic “Cheering! Up! Mom!” is in the Colorado Daily today and every Tuesday. Check it out — it’s weird and delightful.

The graffiti wall, September School and the Raybacks

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

A big birthday card to Selena Gomez on the graffiti wall near 29th Street.

The largest birthday greeting I’ve ever gotten was probably one of those tall cards with a check in it from my grandmother. Selena Gomez, whoever she is, got a big chunk of a wall in a prime location on one of Boulder’s open graffiti walls. This one is a long wall next to Oscar’s Pub. The photo above shows the north-facing wall, which is in a parking lot of sorts between 29th Street and the rear of some businesses on 30th Street. It’s just south of Valmont Road. It’s constantly changing, and is much longer than I’ve bothered to photograph here. There are about five discrete sections of it. (more…)

PHOTO: Goose sculpture near Goose Creek

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

This is in the parking lot of Goose Creek Dental Clinic and Goose Creek Pharmacy, just south of Valmont Rd. on Folsom St. It’s just north of where the Goose Creek Greenway Trail passes under Folsom. Taken Tuesday, Aug. 10.

I'm going to miss these 7 p.m. bright blue skies when winter rolls around.