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Elmer’s Twomile Library: Could Diagonal Plaza be home to a branch library?

Friday, July 8th, 2011

We’ve talked a little about some longshot library-related ideas on this blog in the past, but now here’s someone with a city title doing it:

Donna O’Brien, another library commissioner, said there also could be opportunities to partner with developers to have a library presence in new retail locations. She cited the possible future redevelopment of the Diagonal Plaza center at 28th Street and Iris Avenue as a possible opportunity.

The Camera story talks in very broad terms about the city wanting a library resource for north Boulder of some kind.

What do you think — is two and a half miles to the nearest library too far?

Walmart, Amaro, Tangerine, Rocky Mountain Soccer and more updates

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

OK, I owe you all a few things.

First, an explanation about the month of June: I got married!

It was a busy time. No neighborhood blogging managed. As a result, I’ve missed a few newsy items:

  1. Tangerine and Amaro are totally open. Tangerine seems to be quite popular already and Amaro, as of yet, lacks the critical mass of people to justify it becoming the late-night boozy hangout that I am dying for in our neighborhood. We’ve been to both places a couple of times and like ‘em plenty. Dante at Amaro made my new wife and I some celebratory drinks. Mine had dry ice in it and was otherwise mostly Bourbon from what I could tell — and my best man dubbed it the Total Protonic Reversal. Tangerine features big, delicious breakfast — which is one of my favorite things. Alec, owner of both and of Arugula, is doing a fantastic job. Have you been? What do you think?
  2. I don’t remember the name of it, but the martial arts/fitness studio that was at the southernmost end of Tebo Plaza is gone and has been replaced by a print shop.
  3. The old Flowerama building, which briefly had a sign that said “The Station” (now covered up, presumably until it opens) has been confirmed by loyal reader Andrea to be a dispensary.
  4. Rocky Mountain Soccer is moving from Willow Springs Shopping Center to Spruce and 28th on July 15th. Too bad — we really wanted to start watching some soccer games at their parties. I know, they’re not going far, but it’s the principle of the thing. This, of course, is the kickoff for speculation as to what will fill that space — it’s east of Abo’s, near Tangerine, Amaro and Arugula. My wife said Alec should open a bakery there since that’s basically the only thing he doesn’t have yet.
  5. And finally, the gossip blockbuster from the Camera: Someone apparently wants to know whether people in north Boulder like Walmart – and whether big-box retail belongs at the site of the aging Diagonal Plaza shopping center. Boulder resident Rick Wills said he received a phone call on Wednesday from a survey taker – with a Pennsylvania area code – who asked just three questions: ‘Am I familiar with the city of Boulder’s plans to redevelop the Diagonal Plaza?; would I support a 24-hour Walmart there?; would I support a ban on big-box retailers in the area?’ Wills said, repeating the questions he was asked.” Well, how ’bout that? How do you feel about a 24-hour Walmart at Diagonal Plaza?

3 Margaritas restaurant to fill Sol Azteca location

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Wow, will somebody hit me with some news that doesn’t have to do with Diagonal Plaza, please?

3 Margaritas, a chain of Mexican food restaurants, is coming in at 28th and Iris. Just a couple of days ago, the Camera reported that they were applying for a liquor license, and I just saw a “COMING SOON” sign outside. So that explains why they were working on the windows a few days back, I suppose.

That brings us to, I don’t know, three Mexican joints within a pretty small radius: 100%, Agave and 3 Margaritas.

If you haven’t been to a 3 Margaritas, here’s a preview of what’s in store for you (from the Yelp reviews for the Louisville location):

“Had an awesome blackberry margarita!”

A group with 5 young children who are finding almost everything around them more appealing than staying at the table and various adults arriving at different times could be a challenge for a server.  Our server here handled the huge table of people with grace, ease, patience, precision, and skill.  Quite impressive.”

“Decent, if gringoized Amerimex food.”

I have had better Mexican food, so I won’t say they really have great food, but it’s a good choice to go out with friends or co workers for a spicy bite.”

Diagonal Plaza Branch Library: A nice daydream

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

A Camera reader would like the old Petsmart building at Diagonal Plaza to be a branch library. I’d like it to be a beer garden. Or a movie theater. Or a spaceship. (Related to this, anybody else remember when someone else was wishing there would be a library drop box at the same location?)

Diagonal Plaza blight study off the table

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The city said “no, thanks” to the $15,000 Diagonal Plaza blight study, so there’s that. The most interesting bit of news to come along with that, though is this:

Liz Hanson, Boulder’s economic vitality coordinator, said the city on Tuesday learned that one of the Diagonal Plaza buildings that formerly housed a Ross department store has landed a new “national tenant.” She said negotiations for the building are ongoing, but an announcement about the tenant would likely come in the next few weeks.

And the most satisfying bit might be this:

Councilman Matt Appelbaum agreed, saying it’s “100-percent certain that the consultant will find this area blighted.”

“We know the outcome,” he said. “This isn’t a question.”

So, two questions… what do you think the new tenant is…? And what do you want to do with the $15,000?

Diagonal Plaza redevelopment: Boulder’s third use of eminent domain?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Just the other day, we were looking at a Diagonal Plaza redevelopment plan update, as there’s a public meeting tonight about it (PDF). Here’s a bit of the Camera’s coverage today, which says that the city is recommending a blight study of the Diagonal Plaza Mall.

It’s fascinating for a few reasons, not least of which is that it summarizes the legal definition of a blighted area, which I didn’t know much about. So I tracked down the full definition. (more…)

Diagonal Plaza redevelopment meeting Tuesday

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Diagonal Plaza is, of course, home to 24 Hour Fitness and other spots, as well as a bit of empty space and a parking lot that folks don’t like too much. But there may be changes afoot, as we’ve discussed here before.

The Diagonal Plaza redevelopment discussion continues Tuesday with a City Council meeting.

This is from the city’s Diagonal Plaza redevelopment site:

City Council meeting – April 26, 2011: Meeting Agenda and Packet

6:00 pm, Municipal Building (1777 Broadway)

This meeting will include a review of the ULI TAP report and BURA comments.

The staff memo to the City Council includes a proposed work plan for the remainder of 2011 and recommends that the City Council proceed with next steps in evaluating redevelopment of the Diagonal Plaza shopping center and area, including:

  • Continued communications and data gathering with property owners
  • Solicit feedback from potentially interested developers and tenants
  • Conduct a blight study

In the past, we’ve wondered what Diagonal Plaza redevelopment would look like,  and that seems to be coming into a bit better view with recommendations like “solicit feedback from potentially interested developers” and “conduct a blight study.”

Diagonal Plaza redevelopment goes in front of City Council Tuesday

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Via the city’s website:

City Council will provide direction on the potential redevelopment of the Diagonal Shopping Center at its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010. Read the informational memorandum (PDF).

The passing of la antorcha: Welcome, Restaurante 100 Percent Mexicano

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Well, I’ve been resisting mentioning it, but Sol Azteca is gone, gone, gone. The sign has been ripped off for weeks, and the restaurant has been closed, its doors locked, probably disappointing between eight and 10 would-be customers over the last month.

It didn’t close in time, however, to rob Diagonal Plaza of all Mexican food. No, not before 100 Percent Mexicano opened up.

As a mostly-vegetarian, I was a little concerned by this blurb in a great story about Mexican culture in the area by Aimee Heckel:

Before, Camden says people who wanted real menudo (a popular Mexican soup) or lengua (beef tongue “spiced to perfection”) had to drive to Longmont or Denver.

Just because if you’re good at lengua and menudo, odds aren’t good that you’re also good at veggies.

Boy was I wrong. This place is delicious. The green chile does not include pork, and so it’s safe to smother one of five or six veggie options — and here’s what I wrote for a little blurb for last Sunday’s paper:

This little gem is hard to find and surprising on a number of levels. Oftentimes, a Mexican restaurant’s authenticity rises proportionally to its vegetarian unfriendliness. Not here. When we went, there were four or five veg-options and the two we chose had plenty of flavor —and fresh vegetables. More of a novelty than you’d think! Carnivores won’t be disappointed either, from what we hear.

So get on over there and try it out. I want to know how you meat-eaters rate it compared to local favorite El Rey. Get back to me!

Welcome, tourists!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

…which is to say that somebody wrote an angry blog post about sitting at the Boulder Driver License office in Diagonal Plaza Mall. The long and the short of it: the worst part of the experience was driving through the parking lot at Diagonal Plaza.