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Elmer’s Twomile Library: Could Diagonal Plaza be home to a branch library?

Friday, July 8th, 2011

We’ve talked a little about some longshot library-related ideas on this blog in the past, but now here’s someone with a city title doing it:

Donna O’Brien, another library commissioner, said there also could be opportunities to partner with developers to have a library presence in new retail locations. She cited the possible future redevelopment of the Diagonal Plaza center at 28th Street and Iris Avenue as a possible opportunity.

The Camera story talks in very broad terms about the city wanting a library resource for north Boulder of some kind.

What do you think — is two and a half miles to the nearest library too far?

Diagonal Plaza Branch Library: A nice daydream

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

A Camera reader would like the old Petsmart building at Diagonal Plaza to be a branch library. I’d like it to be a beer garden. Or a movie theater. Or a spaceship. (Related to this, anybody else remember when someone else was wishing there would be a library drop box at the same location?)

Love reading, hate going to the library?

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

In the spirit of tossing everything on here that I find, here’s a letter to the editor that ran in the Camera, suggesting a library book drop-off at 28th and Iris.

Install book return receptacles

In response to the recent article detailing how the Boulder City Council recognizes the need for a north Boulder branch of the public library system, but does not foresee having the money to build one, I would like to pose a suggestion for the interim.

All of the north Boulder residents have to venture at least halfway across town to return their library books. For the most part (meaning, yes, some people will walk, cycle or bus, but the majority don’t) this increases traffic congestion and carbon emissions. We all would like to reduce pollution and traffic, including the city of Boulder.

I ask that the city place a library book return receptacle in north Boulder, perhaps similar to the one in the Canyon Boulevard library parking lot, so we can have a local spot to return our books. A single library vehicle, preferably an electric one, could make a daily round to empty the receptacle.

I would also suggest possible receptacle locations at the intersection of 28th Street and Iris Avenue, in the Diagonal Plaza, where the Department of Motor Vehicles is located, or the Safeway parking lot, or in the Willow Springs Shopping Center. All are easily accessible by bike/pedestrian paths, bus stop or car.

Eventually, additional receptacles could be installed in other under-served locations throughout Boulder to help decentralize public access. This would be a low-cost way to begin mitigating this situation in the meantime, while providing a very welcome service to expanding Boulder and her residents.