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Homeless shelter was considered for near 28th between Pine and Valmont

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

A story on last night’s public meeting over the proposed new Carriage House location said that one of the reasons the Arapahoe and Broadway spot is being considered over others is because it’s accessible to its clientele:

The Carriage House has looked at other locations near 28th Street, between Pine Street and Valmont Road, but there are concerns that it would be harder for clients to reach that location.

Well, as with just about any public space in Boulder, I’d say that there’s a portion of the “clientele” already up here, quite enjoying some of our parks, but it’s true that it pales in comparison to downtown. There was a bit of last summer where “public camping” got a touch out of hand, particularly directly on bike paths through tunnels, but for the most part I’d agree.