Pinteresting your Instagram on Twitter: Enjoying the image-heavy era

Scanning Tweetdeck over coffee this morning, I saw the following tweet from local digiphile Grace Boyle.

She’d know — Grace is a food blogger, too — and when you look at Cafe Aion‘s full feed of Instagram photos¬†and what they send to Twitter, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Pinteresting your Instagram on Twitter: Enjoying the image heavy era web journalism

Images from @cafeaion on Twitter.

It’s easier and easier for people to browse through images¬†for online content, whether it’s with image-heavy Tumblrs, loaded Pinterest selections or, as Grace shows Cafe Aion is doing, on Instagram. If you’re not already thinking about telling your stories visually — at times nearly exclusively visually — it’s time to get there. This is not only a way that people look at content online, but also an incredibly popular and accessible way to consume information on mobile devices.

At the Daily, CU campus reporter Whitney Bryen has been doing a great job of making her reporting day pretty transparent and teasing upcoming stories with photos distributed through her social feeds.

Seems like the next step is to loop back to the places where those photos are taken and include a link to the finished story, in case somebody comes across it after the fact.

I’m looking forward to that CU student wedding story, Whitney!

A note for people without Instagram — you can use Tumblr or Twitter just fine for these purposes! I don’t have Instagram, myself, because it’s not available on Android (yet).